Play Therapy Video
Play Therapy Video

Please click on the link to watch a video on why Play Therapy Works!

Play Therapy Video
Play Therapy Video

Please click on the link to watch a video on why Play Therapy Works!


Person Centered Play Therapy Approach

Click here to watch a video on why Play Therapy Works!

Feeling lost with what to do with your child’s behavior?


Does your child feel like they are spinning out of control?


Are you seeing signs of unhappiness or anxiety in your child?


Is your child struggling in school or making friends?


As parents, we want what is best for our children. We protect and love them, yet still we may feel like it is not enough. Sometimes we feel like we have lost control and are powerless with our children. We want to help them and maybe we just don’t know what to say or where to start.


Mary Dohrmann is a child therapist that works with children on their level to help break the cycle of negative and stuck behaviors. In therapy, we start to put the pieces together and learn to control and understand behaviors. By giving children a sense of control and providing them with a positive and trusting relationship, Mary is able to be a safe adult that can make all the difference. Sometimes children need a safe person beyond their own family to feel comfortable enough to open up. They may feel shame, fear, guilt and more. These feelings often prevent children from opening up to their family for fear that they will disappoint them.


Not all children have the verbal skills or understanding to tell us what is happening inside of them. We often see children acting out, rebelling, or completely shutting down when they are processing through something that is troubling them. Using Sandtray, Yoga, and Child-Centered Play Therapy, Mary is able to offer many appealing alternatives to traditional talk therapy. In Mary’s work with children, she has found that talk therapies tend to shut children down, while specialized techniques allow children to open up and share their struggles. This ultimately is what helps them to trust the therapy process and start to heal.





Abuse - Physical, Neglect, Sexual, and Emotional



Self-Esteem Issues

Sibling Issues

Bullying and School Related Issues

Behavioral Issues

Attachment Issues


Therapies offered:

Child Centered Play Therapy

Adolescent Counseling

Family Therapy

Sandtray Therapy

Art Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Music and Dance Therapy

Yoga Therapy-more information on website

Filial Therapy


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